We carefully select long term partners providing affordable accommodation as close as possible from transportation means (Trolley and Buses).


One of the big advantages of Bordeaux is accessibility via transportation. It is possible to stay in a Flat or Host Family in suburban areas (Mérignac, Talence, etc…) and to access city center easily. Most of the schools are either situated in “les Chartrons” along the “Garonne”, the river which runs along the city center, or in Talence, in the surburban area on the south of Bordeaux. Both are easily accessible by “TRAM” (local trolley) or buses.

Accommodation type

Most frequent accommodation types are either individual or shared flats or individual room in host family with common rooms shared with other members of the family. These solutions are the most affordable ones.




– Rent

Monthly rent is usually around 35,000 INR per month for a single flat and around 30,000 INR for a room in a Host Family. Electricity charges are included for Host families but are in extra for flats. Electricity fees are usually around 2,000 INR per month in average.