Quality and location of accommodations can directly impact your experience. We thus put a particular attention to provide accommodations as close as possible to western standards and in the safest residential areas of the city.


Big majority of candidates are accommodated in central residential areas of Jaipur. These areas have the advantage of being at crossroads of all major roads of the city and allow easier transportation for candidates to their workplace. This area also has the largest concentration of shopping centers and proximity with dynamic areas with bars and nightclubs. It is also possible to find nearby imported products that we can not find in other area of Jaipur (tuna, pasta, frozen seafood…).

Accommodation type

Most frequent accommodation types are either flats shared with roommates or guest houses with common rooms shared with other expatriates and generally an Indian family. These solutions are the friendliest and secured ones and are as close as possible to European standard.



They generally include the following services:

  • Wifi
  • Individual or Shared Room
  • Bathroom attached to the Room
  • Comon kitchen and dinning Area
  • Laundry service
  • Cleaning service


– Rent

Monthly rent varies from 7,000 INR to 9,000 INR for shared room and 12,000 INR to 15,500 INR for single room according to location, size of the room and quality of infrastructure. Electricity charges are usually around 1,500 INR without electricity use. In the summer you need to consider extra fees related to the A/C use. For a normal use of A/C (3 hours per day) the bill is around 3,500 INR. For an intensive use the bill will be higher than 6,000 INR. Food price is very low and restaurants are quite affordable.

Bronze 11,500 INR 7,000 INR
Silver 12,500 INR 7,500 INR
Gold 15,500 INR 9,000 INR

– Room types and categories that we can propose depend on availability

– Mentioned rents do not include electricity fees.