By Ian Varela from Brazil (An Intern of Stepout Abroad )

Internship in India

Lets begin from December last year, i came across an article talking about internships in India through Stepout Abroad. I found it pretty interesting and therefore i applied on their website ( for a social development program. I had a couple of rounds of interview before i was finally selected in an NGO which works on Animal Welfare.

It took me another 6 months to complete my semester and to finally board a plane for Jaipur,India.I was  pretty excited to travel to India as i had heard a lot about the country and its culture. I really wanted to ensure a brilliant experience of travelling to India as well as to take part in an internship which provided me an enriching experience which i wouldn’t have understood had i not gone there.

internship in India

I reached Jaipur via bus from New Delhi & finally landed to the place where my accommodation was arranged by Stepout Abroad. I travelled for 42 hours straight from Sao Paolo to Jaipur routing myself through train, Flights & buses.

For the next couple of days, i really had a good rest as per ensured by Stepout Abroad  through their hospitality and guidance as to rest for a couple of days before starting my internship.

I started my internship at the NGO couple of days after my introduction there. At my day of introduction i was explained in detail about how the NGO has been working on animal welfare. The NGO in their journey has experienced a lot of difficulties in animal welfare due to deforestation of forest into towns and cities.

Festivals in India like the kite flying (Makar Sakranti / Uttarayan) leads to millions of injured birds in cities. They specifically run a campaign during the month of January in the city to provide nursing to such birds in their Shelter/office.

Internship in India

During my internship period i got the opportunity to see and then volunteer snakes rescue. I must say it was scary in the earlier part of my internship to even visit places to rescue snakes (also most of these snakes were non venomous) but after a week or couple  learnt how to behave, act and execute the whole process.

The NGO runs a rescue helpline for anybody who spots the snakes and call them in order to rescue the snakes safely without causing injuries to the people.

These snakes after being caught from the residential  areas  are being taken to forest area and then opened free.

My whole internship experience was very unique and different from a conventional internship in corporate firm or a company. Not only did i visit a beautiful country like India where i had the chance to meet people with different aspects of living life .

Internship in, work

I hope to make many such experiences like my Indian internship during my lifetime.

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Animal Rescue Internship in India
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