This is the very first step of your application. Submitting your Application Form will generate your Application File and will help us to find a Corporate or Social Internship that matches at best your requirements. In that prospect, please be sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information.


If your application is validated, we will contact you within 72h to plan a Skype Interview. The purpose of the Skype Interview is to present in details our services and available opportunities and to know more about your Internship project as well as to test your English skills. If the Skype Interview is successful you will receive an Internship Form within approximately 10 days.


If the Skype interview between you and the hosting structure is successful and the placement validated by both sides, we will send you the secured online payment request to pay fees related to the Internship Package. Validation of accommodation placement, guidance with departure formalities and transmission of documents for your Visa application will be initiated once your payment is confirmed.


Be careful to consider the necessary timing to proceed to the different steps. We invite you to apply online minimum 6 weeks (preferably 8 weeks) before the beginning of your Internship.

Important: if you do not possess a valid passport already or if you possess a foreign passport you need to consider a bigger delay. Passport formalities can sometimes exceed 1 months, especially when touristic pics are near. Formalities length for foreign passport is in addition generally longer than for regular passport.

  • Average length of placement: 2 to 10 days (except if internship sector is specific)
  • Average duration to receive invitation letter: 8 to 14 days (2 to 3 days if DHL)
  • Average length of Visa process: 7 to 14 days (minimum 1 month for foreign passport

In case of a tighter timing, that is to say if you want to start your Internship in a short period of time, please contact us so we can analyse together the feasibility of your request and your project.

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