Top 5 Advantages of India for an Internship at the end of Cursus


Building entrepreneurial skills

The level of responsibility left to students is frequently higher than for internships in France or in other developed countries. This observation is true at the beginning of the course, it is just as much with the rise in competence that accompanies the progress throughout studies in higher education. Skills in autonomy, adaptation, negotiation and resourcefulness are solicited at full extent and thus constitute an excellent springboard towards an entrepreneurial project. Internships in India after graduation are very often performed in medium-sized local companies which allow a global and transversal vision of organizations and structures which often serve as bases during the construction of an entrepreneurial project.

Developing an International Network

Westerners are quite positively seen in India, and this observation is even more true for French who enjoy a good reputation on the spot, especially as regards the luxury sectors and positions related to communication or marketing. Opportunities will thus be available and you will be able to interact with many Indians during your stay. Indians from good families also like to interact with expatriates in order to develop a network but also their openness. It is therefore very common to befriend local people who can also enter a professional address book. Be careful not to jump straight away on opportunities and take a step back as possibility to work with Indians will be numerous.

Preparing as part of an expatriation project

India is evolving at a fast pace, but for the moment remains a developing country, with its highly variable infrastructures qualities and deep-seated social inequalities. The conditions of stay may contrast with those of a stay in a European or North American country, for example. A prolonged experience in India via an end-of-study internship is perfect for an expatriation following graduation, via a V.I.E (for french students only) for instance. Language dynamics (English-speaking environment) is also important, which gives access to a multitude of geographical areas for an expatriation project.

Reinforcing your resume for a targeted professional project

Some sectors in India are internationally renowned. This is particularly the case of IT with cities like Bangalore. As far as northern India is concerned, if the focus is on Jaipur, a sector like Jeweler (Jewels and precious or semi-precious stones) is based on a historical legacy and know-how that has little equivalent outside borders. A student who plans to work in luxury, and particularly in jewelry, can therefore rely on a solid end of study experience with an internship in India. The same is true of sectors such as Textiles, Tourism, Crafts and Sustainable Energies. For humanitarian projects, local NGO experience also gives credibility for a professional project concerning social sector.

Enjoying one of the last opportunities to discover in depth a beautiful region

The dive into active life may coincide with the end of extended stays abroad. Adventurers will be able to quench their thirst with tourist stays, but the opportunity to spend several months off the beaten track in a distant country will be rarer. Take advantage of the last internship or the period of latency following graduation to discover a region that you targeted is therefore strongly advise. If this opportunity also coincides with the points mentioned above, then postgraduate integration in the professional world will not suffer.