Employee in carpentry and related materials


This job is accessible at “Levels V and IV” after training as a cabinetmaker, carpenter, wood art (sculptor, turner, marquetry), restorer of antique furniture, etc.

Experience in the wood industry is usually required.

Types of positions:

  • Carpenter
  • Cabinetmaker

Carpentry work usually consists of making, reproducing or restoring furniture, wooden art objects, utilitarian or decorative objects.

Required Skills

  • Draw (from a photo, an idea …) or read a plan, a sketch
  • Prepare and start production: choose wood, tools, accessories
  • Work the piece by hand or machine (turn, drill, etc.)
  • Adapt parts: create sub assemblies or assemblies (ankle, glue)
  • Ensure the finishes (prepare the support, scrape, paint, dye, varnish)
  • Knowledge of French is an asset. Fluent English


• Around 1100 € / month