What is the minimal and maximal length of Internships?

Minimum period is 1 month and maximum is 6 months

Are Internships paid?

Discovery Internships are generally not paid.

If the English level of the student is advanced and he or she has professional experiences in the desired sector of activity, remuneration may be considered. The remuneration depends on the company but is generally comprised between 3,000 INR and 5,000 INR for Marketing, Communication and Business Development opportunities.

Hospitality Internships usually involve free accommodation for the intern and sometimes remuneration.

The compensation can not cover living expenses (housing, food, transportation, etc …) but in some cases may cover the costs of transportation or part of the accommodation fees.

What is the pace of work ( number of working days and hours)?

Interns generally work 5 days on 7 (free week-ends) and 35 hours per week. Number of hours or days of work as well as expectation on result can vary according to the remuneration.

Is there a specific dress code at work?

Our partner companies have different policies regarding dress code. It is advised to mention that point in the Skype interview you will have with your potential manager. Companies are usually flexible as long as it is not casual

What are transportation means from accommodation to the company?

You can find Auto-rickshaws in every street of the city. These 3 wheel taxis are the cheapest means to take you to any place in the city (approx. 1€ per 20 minutes of transportation)

How big is Jaipur?

Jaipur is not comparable to Delhi or Mumbai but isn’t a small city as well. The capital of Rajasthan has approximately 5 million inhabitants.

What will be the language in the company?

Local business language is English. All managers will interact in English so will most of collaborators even if in some companies workforce can have limited skills in English.

In case you I am not satisfied with my internship can I have a new placement?

If company does not respect what is written in the internship form or what was communicated in the Skype interview or if some members of the company have an inappropriate behavior with the intern, we are committed to find a new internship placement corresponding to your expectation in the best delays.