• What is the overall budget for such a trip?

In order to calculate the necessary budget for your trip to France you need to consider the following elements:

- Flight Tickets (2 ways): around 60,000 INR

- Visa: around 3,500 INR (Visa Fees) + 300 INR (postal dispatch) + 13,500 INR (registration Fees)

- Full specialized insurance: around 2,000 INR per month

- Package Fees

These elements are calculated for Indians citizens residing in India

  • What is the cost of living in France?

Here is a monthly estimation of your local living expenditures:

- Accommodation + Electricity: around 500€ (35,000 INR)

- Food: around 120€ (8,500 INR)

- Travel Pass: around 25€ (1,750 INR)

- Leisure and Extra: around 100€ (7,000 INR)

TOTAL = usually around 800€ (around 55,000 INR) / month


  • What do I need to take in my luggage?

  1. Electric Device Adaptator is required. Power plugs are C, E and F in France type while D type is used in India.
  2. Swimsuit and towels are advised (some accommodations do not furnish personal towels).
  3. It is also important to take along warm closes for stays from September to February where temperatures can go down to 0°C during the coldest period of the winter.
  4. Do not forget a first aid kit.

  • Is there any specific dress code in France?

You can wear casual clothes in public areas. Dress code is quite flexible in public life in France. Still, night clubs, some restaurants and some posh places require a smart dress code.

Schools are often flexible regarding dress code during classes even if too casual clothes are not welcomed and it is advised to wear semi-professional or professional clothes during classes. There is no school uniform in France.

  • What will be temperatures during my stay?

Bordeaux being on the coast climate is temperate. Still temperatures vary from season to season. On average it goes from 10°C to 25°C with highest temperatures in July/August and Lowest in January/February. 


  • What is local currency?

Local currency is Euro (€) and is common to most of European countries including Germany Spain, Italy, etc…

1€ usually equals 65 INR to 75 INR

  • What is Local Time?

Local time is UTC/GMT +1 in Winter time (starting on end of October) and UTC/GMT +2 in Summer time (starting on end of March).

France is then 3:30 to 4:30 hours behind India.

  • What is the Local language?

Local language is French.

Most French people can speak basic English but English level vary a lot among French population.

  • How big is Bordeaux?

250 000 inhabitants live in Bordeaux and 900 000 if we include its suburb.

Bordeaux is the 7th city of France in term of Population.

  • Is it possible to eat veg or Indian food?

You can easily buy non-veg food. Organic products are also more and more present in French supermarkets. Spices are also easily available. Asian imported products are available in specific stores. 


  • Can I change cash or withdraw money easily?

Exchange offices are available in Bordeaux but it is not that easy to exchange rupees in Euros once in France. We thus advise you to exchange rupees in Euro before your departure.

Still, withdrawing money is easy and ATMs are available anywhere in the city.

  • What to visit during the stay?

Bordeaux possesses several museums (history, science, wine), shopping areas (rue Sainte Catherine, Marché des grands Hommes) and a city center full of heritage. Outside Bordeaux you can go to the “Bassin d’Arcachon” which is less than 1 hour away and which worth several visits either in summer to enjoy beaches or all year long for its sceneries and particular atmosphere. Country side around Bordeaux is also full of castles and touristic attractions.

Beside the region, you can easily access Paris by train (2 to 3 hours) to enjoy a week-end in the French capital, or access Spain either by Bus, train or car within 3 to 4 hours.


Bordeaux is very dynamic regarding night life. You can find british pubs, latinos bars and clubs in several areas of the city. Bars are open all week long and clubs usually on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

2 main means of transportation are available within the city and its suburban area : « Tramway » (local trolley) or Buses. They allow you to go to main places easily. A single Tram/Bus ticket costs around 1,40€ (100 INR) but travel pass are available to reduce cost of transportation. You can also use bicycle as a mean of transportation.

Infrastructures are very developed in Bordeaux and you can enjoy almost any type of activity: Cinemas, Bowling, Pool Bars, Swimming Pools, Saps, Indoor Soccer, Golf, mini-golf, Laser game, etc… Even suburban areas have near leisure centers.

  • Gyms are popular in France and you can easily find a Gym or Fitness Center near your leaving area or school. Running is also more and more popular and Parks will allow you to practice running easily.
  • Among most played sport, Football (Soccer) is number one and it is often possible to play either outside or inside near your living area.
  • Yearly registration to sport club is usually affordable and any type of sport is available like Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Handball, etc…
  • Cricket is unfortunately not famous in France and there is no Cricket club.