2 types of potential grants are to take into consideration to finance a Corporate Internship:


  • Audience: all students, regardless of income or profile. Allocation is however effected case-by-case with priority given to students in financial needs.
  • Organizations to contact: This financial aid is granted by local authorities: the regions (regional council), the departments (General Council), the cities (contact local youth information institution of your place of residence).

You can also directly check available solutions with the school department managing international internships.

  • Grant type: partial coverage of travel or accommodation expenses
  • Amount: variable according to countries and regions


  • Audience: scholarship student who perform internship in the framework of their course of study in higher education institutions within the contracting procedure with the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Agency Contact: National Institution managing Universities’ grants in your countries
  • Nature: additional grant based on social criteria
  • Amount: variable according to countries and regions

Feel free to contact the international relations department of your school to discuss legal matter regarding scholarships and grants to finance your stay abroad

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