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* Fixed fees whatever the length of the Internship is

* No Admin Fees / Fees to pay after the validation of the Internship placement.


Documentation / Online Assistance


Placement corresponding to your profile and expectations / Transmission of necessary documents for the Visa


Validation of an accommodation solution for your stay / Full information (rent, deposit, internal rules)


Pick-up at the Airport (or Bus Stand) / Transportation to your Accommodation / Introduction to your hosting structure


Booklet / Map / Local Sim Card


Briefing on Local culture and environment / Regular Monitoring as per Intern’s need / Networking


Conflict Management / On-call support

Option: Emergency procedure (+59€): CEmergency pick-up and dispatch of documents DHL dispatch of Invitation Letter (3 days instead of 11)

Are not included in the Package: Rent and accommodation fees, Phone recharge, Visa Fees, Travel expenditures, Insurance

Online Application

This is the very first step of your application. Submitting your Application Form will generate your Application File and will help us to find a Corporate or Social Internship that matches at best your requirements. In that prospect, please be sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

Validation and Internship Proposal

If your application is validated, we will contact you within 72h to plan a Skype Interview. The purpose of the Skype Interview is to present in details our services and available opportunities and to know more about your Internship project. If the Skype Interview is successful you will receive an Internship Proposal within approximately 10 days.

Placement and Payment

If the Skype interview between you and the hosting structure is successful and the placement validated by both sides, we will send you the secured online payment request to pay fees related to the Internship Package. Validation of accommodation placement, guidance with departure formalities and transmission of documents for your Visa application will be initiated once your payment is confirmed.

Be careful to consider the necessary timing to proceed to the different steps. We invite you to apply online minimum 6 weeks (preferably 8 weeks) before the beginning of your Internship.


if you do not possess a valid passport already or if you possess a foreign passport you need to consider a bigger delay. Passport formalities can sometimes exceed 1 months, especially when touristic pics are near. Formalities length for foreign passport is in addition generally longer than for regular passport.

Average length of placement: 2 to 10 days (except if internship sector is specific)

Average duration to receive invitation letter: 8 to 14 days

Average length of Visa process: 7 to 14 days (minimum 1 month for foreign passport)

Minimum Duration for the Visa Application : 2 to 3 weeks (min. 1 month for foreign passports)

In case of a tighter timing, that is to say if you want to start your Internship in a short period of time, please contact us so we can analyse together the feasibility of your request and your project.


We aim to provide information and content in accordance with the current legislation communicated by our partners. However, the Indian Government's immigration laws can change in a very short period of time, and sometimes retroactively. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to wait for the visa and make sure that it matches the purpose and dates of your trip before making any reservation. We can not be held responsible for the financial loss related to an impossibility to use the tickets that you have taken the initiative to book before obtaining the Visa and verification of dates of validity of the stay. The information provided on the Visa application has no contractual value and may be modified at the time of filing your Visa application

Before you start the application process, please ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria by checking the following conditions:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a passport valid 6 months after the end of your stay or be in capacity of applying for it and receive it before your departure
  • Be citizen of a country which allow Visa for your Internship destination (check the website of your local embassy)
  • Be in a capacity to pay for package fees, Departure formalities expenditures like plane tickets, visa fees, insurance package and local expenditures like food, accommodation rent, transportation and leisure (see F.A.Q)
  • Have repatriation insurance for your stay abroad
  • Have at least intermediate level of English
  • This program is not open to Indian citizens

Other Conditions

  • Maturity, Autonomy and strong Adaptation Skills
  • Openmindedness
  • Be sincerely motivated by the discovery of foreign culture
  • Have prior experience in a relevant area or sufficient education background in required sector

What you can expect from an Internship Developed competences:

  • Adaptability skills and creativity on problem solving
  • Cultural understanding
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Level of English

This Program totally fits with candidates who wish to:

  • Have responsibility and do not want to perform basics and repetitive tasks
  • Be involved in several tasks and departments and are not looking a rigid and structured internship (entrepreneurial profiles)
  • Boost their CV with a professional experience in a big potential country
  • Improve their professional competences by challenging their skills in a new cultural environment
  • Create a professional network abroad and generate business opportunities in a growing market where western labor is often very valuable
  • Improve Business language skills in an English speaking working environment

Why chosing Jaipur for your Internship?

Low cost of living
Cultural Experience

A Dynamic Area

Boosted by the arrival of the Metro and empowered by a deep history of international trades (spices, textile, jewelry), Jaipur possesses a very dynamic economical environment as well as a growing entrepreneurial atmosphere. In addition, cinemas, nightclubs and sport facilities can easily be found in the different areas of the city.

Preserved Traditions

Atmosphere in Jaipur differs from big Indian cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Even if some signs of modernity appeared with the constructions of big Malls and Business Centers, the historical area of the Pink City seems timeless and totally preserved which allows interns to live a deep cultural experience.

A Peaceful and Secure Place

Millions of tourists come every year to visit Jaipur and more and more expatriates settle in the Pink City for employment or business. The city is considered as one of the safest in India and it is quite easy for visitors to enjoy their stay without worrying about any security issue. In addition, the area is not exposed to tropical disease and clinics and other infrastructures are comparable to western ones.

Frequently Asked Questions for Internships in Jaipur

Most frequent accommodation types are either flats shared with roommates or guest houses with common rooms shared with other expatriates and generally an Indian family. These solutions are the friendliest and secured ones and are as close as possible to European standard. They generally include the following services:

  • Wifi
  • Individual or Shared Room
  • Bathroom attached to the Room
  • Comon kitchen and dinning Area
  • Laundry service
  • Cleaning service

Monthly rent varies from 7,000 INR to 9,000 INR for shared room and 12,000 INR to 15,500 INR for single room according to location, size of the room and quality of infrastructure. Electricity charges are usually around 1,500 INR without electricity use. In the summer you need to consider extra fees related to the A/C use. For a normal use of A/C (3 hours per day) the bill is around 3,500 INR. For an intensive use the bill will be higher than 6,000 INR. Food price is very low and restaurants are quite affordable.

* Room types and categories that we can propose depend on availability
* Mentioned rents do not include electricity fees.

Fixed expenses vary according to the country you belong to and your preferences regarding vaccination and insurances. Following elements are to take into consideration as estimation for the budget of your trip:

- Flight to Jaipur (round trip):

  • From European capitals : 600€ to 650€
  • From London: 600£ to 650£
  • From Los Angeles, New York: 800$ to 900$
  • From Brazil: 8900 BRL

- Visa Fees: 120 to 200 €/£/$

- Insurance: 30 to 40 €/£/$ per month

- Package Fees: 445€ / 390£ / 499$

- Vaccines: usually not mandatory (except if you reside in some developping countries) but to check with your doctor or specific clinic

Low cost of life will be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your stay in India. Prices, especially regarding rent, food and transportation are way lower than in any western country. Regarding accommodations, we usually place our candidates is comfortable and A/C equipped accommodations in secured residential areas of Jaipur. Rent for a single room is generally around 12,000 INR and 7,000 INR for a shared room (according to availabilities) per person. Electricity charges can vary from 1,000 INR to 6,000 INR (for an intensive use of A/C in summer) for a room. Food price is very low and restaurants are quite affordable.

Feel free to use the following Indexes to have precise estimation of cost of living in Jaipur: Expatistan et Numbeo

Internships in NGOs are unpaid.

Marketing and Business Development Internships can include remuneration (usually between 3,000 INR and 5,000 INR) according to intern’s profile (Level of English, Experience in the Sector, Diplomas, etc...)

We have chosen to implement our programs in Jaipur and Rajasthan for several reasons, including the cultural environment, varieties of associative structures, developing industries… But the main reason behind this choice was to insure to our candidates the safest atmosphere for their project. Millions of visitors come every year to Rajasthan, the most touristic area of India. In addition, contrary to big megalopolis like Delhi or Mumbai, tourism industry plays a crucial role and authorities as local population pay attention to prevent any security risk for visitors to maintain there standards. Rajasthan is moreover known as the most preserved traditional and peaceful area of India. Of course, like in any place in the world, basic security and precaution standards need to be strictly respected in order to avoid conflict or unsecure situation.

You will frequently use 3 wheelers called Auto-Rickshaw (or Tuk-Tuk) for your daily routes. The advantage of this vehicle is on the one hand that you can find them in each main street and on the other hand the cheap cost of transportation. For very short transport, you can use cycle rickshaw which are even cheaper but are quite slow. Another solution is to book taxis for transportation superior to 20 minutes. Metro is also operational but under development.

More info and tips on our FAQ
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Our tips for your Internship in India

Students usually come for Internships from 1 to 6 months. We advise those who have the liberty to chose duration to come at least 2 months for Internships in companies in order to have sufficient time for adaptation and to be fully involved in the local working culture.

After 4 to 6 months of stay Students usually express the desire of going back to their home countries even for well integrated Students. Ideal duration is thus 2 to 4 months.

If you are autonomous and you like freedom in your work, if you can adapt to unusual situations and if you like to be involved in several fields, then an Internship in India is totally adapted to your profil. Such an experience is strongly recommended if you have an entrepreneurial spirit.

For those who are looking for developping technical competences in a specific sector as financial analysis, accountability, etc... this experience can be disappointing.

Our partner companies and NGOs usually being medium sized local structures with a strong indian working culture (even if for the big majority of them they already host foreign interns) it is important to know specificities of such an internship and to evaluate adequation with your expectations. If the immersive aspect is not what you are looking for then it might be better for you to target an internship in a big company of bigger cities (Delhi or Mumbai for instance).

You will for sure face some unknown and uncomfortable situations where frustration will arise regarding some aspects of the internship. We usually observe that students who are proactive and outgoing in term of oral communication with internship manager and colleagues maximise professionnal incomes of such an experience while those who have difficulties to handle the situations are more passive and expecting others to make the first move. Oral communication and proactivity are the biggest keys for a successful experience.

An Internship in India within the first 2 years of a Bachelor program allow to quickly face another working culture. It is thus a warranty of openmindedness for the rest of your education program. But be careful to go for such an experience only when you feel ready to face a totally different living environment. If you already visit a developping country or if you feel like an adventurer then it is definitly possible to go for such an experience at the start of your studies.

When you get close to the end of your studies program it is often advised to conduct internships that are related to your upcoming professional integration. If you are targeting entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social sector or a sector that is localy reknowned (like Jewelry, Textile, Tourism) then your internship project in India is totally accurate.

Florent Daspet de StepOut Abroad

Florent StepOut Abroad / Co-Founder

Indian culture strongly differs from western countries. An Internship in India is thus a great way to step back and observe our own culture with sharp eyes and to develop adaptation skills. Still, it is necessary to feel ready to face a different living and working environment, to be patient (especially at the beginning of the internship) and to be proactivE in term of communication in order to maximize outcomes.