Package Fees according to your local Currency:


Package Fees



US Dollar (US)


Pounds (UK)


Australian Dollar (Australia)

679 AUD

Brazilian Real (Brazil)

1690 BRL

Moroccan Dirham (Morocco)

4890 MAD

Tunisian Dinar (Tunisia)

1290 TND

Algerian Dinar (Algeria)

59990 DZD

Russian Rouble (Russia)

29990 RUB

Mexican Pesos (Mexico)

9990 MXN

Argentinean Pesos (Argentina)

9990 ARS

If you are resident from a country which currency is not mentioned in this table, the Package Fees are corresponding to the value of 445€ in your local currency on the date of payment request.

  • Fixed fees whatever the length of the Internship is.
  • No administrative fees.
  • Free Application / Fees to pay after the validation of the Internship placement.
  • Cancellation of the process does not lead to payment of fees.

Departure Formalities

  • Documentation
  • Online Assistance (mail, Skype)

Internship Placement

  • Placement corresponding to your profile and expectations
  • Transmission of necessary documents for the Visa

Management of Accommodation

  • Validation of an accommodation solution for your stay
  • Full information (rent, deposit, internal rules)


  • Reception at the Airport (or Bus Stand)
  • Transportation to your Accommodation
  • Introduction to your hosting structure

Welcome Packet

  • Address Booklet and Map
  • Integration Booklet
  • Local Sim Card
  • Discount Card


  • Briefing on Indian culture and environment
  • Regular Monitoring as per  Intern’s need
  • Networking


  • Conflict Management
  • On-call support

  Option: Emergency procedure (+54€) Emergency pick-up and dispatch of documents DHL dispatch of Invitation Letter (3 days instead of 11)   *Are not included in the Package fees:

  • Rent and accommodation fees
  • Phone recharge
  • Visa fees
  • Travel expenditure
  • Insurance