Thanks to the geographical proximity between India and Thailand and the activities that some of our Indian partners have with Thai actors, we have also been able to develop internship opportunities in companies in the city of Chiang Mai (North-West from the country) since 2017. These internship placements are also 100% managed by our organization, without intermediate structure. The placement capacity for this destination is 10 to 15 internship positions.

Package fees and services provided within the package correspond to those of the package for internships in India.

Sectors of Internship in Thailand

Internship content is similar to internships in Jaipur. The most common sectors for placements in Chiang Mai are hanidcraft, textiles, new technologies and medias.Internship structures are often start-ups or medium-sized companies.
The duration of the internships is maximum 3 months and the opportunities are not remunerated.


Thailand and Chiang Mai
This country is a perfect blend of traditional Asian culture and rapid adoption of Western codes and lifestyles. It is therefore a recommended destination for a Western student who wants to become acquainted with an accessible Asian culture.

Plus points of Chiang Mai:

>> Low cost of living
>> Security
>> Cultural Experience
>> Proximity with nature
>> Tourism

The perfect size for optimal living comfort
Visitors almost unanimously agree on the quality of life offered by Chiang Mai. The city is small enough to visit all points of interest and big enough to offer the characteristics of a dynamic city where one does not get bored. Modern shopping centers, cinemas, restaurants, bars and night clubs make Chiang Mai a popular touristic destination.

Nature and Traditions
One of the most enjoyable aspects for visitors is the accessibility of preserved natural areas, including the mountainous area on the west of the city. Follow the forest trails past the popular temples to reach hill tribe villages, incredible scenaries and the Royal Palace and its impressive gardens.

A city full of history
Although a large part of the fortifications has been deteriorated over time, the most surrounding the wall are still intact. Chiang Mai is also located on the Ping River, which historically allowed the city to benefit from a significant trade flow.

There is also much in common for accommodation with what is offered in the Jaipur placement frame work. Monthly rents range from 4000 Baht to 10000 Baht.

FAQ for Thailand