Considering employment situation in France and the fact that priority is given to European citizens of Schengen countries, job opportunities for Indians are rare and often inaccessible.

Still, there are some specific economic sectors that are either growing too quickly in comparison to the local available labor and the training capacities of education institutions, or that are getting either stable or in decline but that are considered as old-fashion for the new generation, which also leads to shortage of man power.

In that prospect we are collaborating with local employers from 2 sectors: IT and Wood Industry.

Package Fees and Services included

The package provides personal support for your job expatriation project. We will first evaluate the feasibility of a placement and then initiate the application process.



Services Included:

  • Placement in a local companies.
  • Selection of an accommodation
  • Pick-up, integration and monitoring
  • Assistance with Visa formalities
  • Preparation of your Stay, etc…

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Job Opportunities in IT Sector

IT Sector is one of the most promising in term of recruitment prospect and there is a gap between recruiters’ expectation and qualifications and experience of local manpower. Job opportunities in IT sector consist in two main positions

  • IT Expert (Engineer)
  • Analyst / D Programmer

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Job Opportunities in Wood Industry

Bordeaux in its surroundings offer good recruitment opportunities for those with good experience and technical background in the Wood industry. Carpenter, cabinet maker and wood experts are lacking in France, especially in the South-West of the country.


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Destination Bordeaux and its region: Heritage and Dynamism

Study Programs mainly take place in Bordeaux, south-west of France. Bordeaux gathers all elements to insure students an unforgettable experience  :

  • Dynamism of local Industry
  • Tourism and Heritage
  • Voted European best Destination in 2015

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Accommodation for your stay in France

Package includes selection of accommodation corresponding to different budgets (small flats or host families). Monthly rent is usually around 450 EUR for single room.   Learn more about :

  • Location
  • Accommodation types
  • Budget

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Frequently Asked Questions about Studies in France (FAQ)

Feel free to check this section if you have questions related to your potential study program, to the living environment and to your destination. If you do not find an answer to your question in that section please feel free to contact us.

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