Package: 445€/390£/499$

  • Fixed fees whatever the length of the Internship is.
  • No administrative fees.
  • Free Application / Fees to pay after the validation of the Internship placement.
  • Cancellation of the process does not lead to payment of fees.

Departure Formalities

  • Documentation
  • Online Assistance (mail, Skype)

Internship Placement

  • Placement corresponding to your profile and expectations
  • Transmission of necessary documents for the Visa

Management of Accommodation

  • Validation of an accommodation solution for your stay
  • Full information (rent, deposit, internal rules)


  • Reception at the Airport (or Bus Stand)
  • Transportation to your Accommodation
  • Introduction to your hosting structure

Welcome Packet

  • Address Booklet and Map
  • Integration Booklet
  • Local Sim Card
  • Discount Card


  • Briefing on Indian culture and environment
  • Regular Monitoring as per  Intern’s need
  • Networking


  • Conflict Management
  • On-call support


Option: Emergency procedure (+59€)

Emergency pick-up and dispatch of documents

DHL dispatch of Invitation Letter (3 days instead of 11)


*Are not included in the Package fees:

  • Rent and accommodation fees
  • Phone recharge
  • Visa fees
  • Travel expenditure
  • Insurance