Bordeaux has the advantage to host prestigious Business Schools and big University campuses. The city also possesses programs in specific sectors as Wine and Spirits, Fashion and Luxuary and Tourism and Hospitality Sectors.

For short summer camps tution fees are usually between 40,000 INR and 65,000 INR per week.

For Bachelor and Master Degree fees are usually between 300,000 INR and 600,000 INR per year for regular courses as well as for E-Learning Programs.

Popular sectors are :


  • Wine and Luxury Brand Marketing and Management
  • Agricultural production and biotechnology
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • French Culture and Sport / Gastronomy


  • International Business & Management
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Fashion & Luxury Management
  • Wine and Spirits Marketing and Management


  • French Classes
  • International Business & Management

If you wish to select study program in other sectors kindly contact us so we can estimate feasibility of a placement in desired sector.