By Emilie Pursuing social studies in France (An Intern of Stepout Abroad )

Stepout Abroad gave me a great opportunity; they help me to find a social internship in India. This traineeship gave me an introduction of the work of an NGO and allowed me to gain experience in the field of development. This internship was really precious for me. It was an appropriate time to take a decision or consolidate my career plan.I wanted to do this internship in India because it would give me an opportunity to explore this great country with a great adventure and experience..


It was an incredible experience  where I discovered another country, with diverse culture with new people from all over the word. This was my first trip outside Europe.I faced numerous challenges from the first day when i reached Jaipur like Scorching heat, Language barrier, new environment .It almost took me  a week before i got used to the ambiance of the city & the country.Now, when i look back at my Indian journey i feel the time passed by so quickly and there was still so much which i had to discover. I wish i could go back to India again & relive the moments all over again.

My Internship was in an NGO which helped to gain an insight into the real indian world. I understood the issue on which the NGO was working (Women Empowerment) & visited  villages to see & organize workshops.   Women Empowerment is one of the most important issue in the Indian society currently & needs attention from people around in order to equip the women in society with equal opportunities & rights as men. This experience strengthened my self-confidence. It was a real challenge to get out of my comfort zone and to discover something new, but I’m really happy to have done this.

I also took time to travel & discover the beauty of India . I  made some visits and some trip during my time in India. The most wonderful was my visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra. It was just amazing. The beauty and magnanimity of the whole monument is amazing. I would recommend every person travelling to India to atleast visit this place once.

Today, i feel extremely happy to have taken a brave decision of choosing a destination like India as a place of my internship which indeed has changed my life so much in such a small span of time. I hope to come back to India one day.

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