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Bachelor and MBA Programs in Digital Marketing and Hotel Management

Etudes en Digital Marketing en France pour les Indiens
Digital & Marketing

Etudes en Hotel Management en france pour les Indiens
Hotel Management

Bachelor / MBA

Choosing France to complete short study program, Bachelor Degree or MBA Degree is a clever decision on the one hand regarding tuition fees which are quite competitive compared to countries like USA and United Kingdom. On the other hand, France is worldwide renowned for the quality of education in sectors such as luxury, hospitality and science and possesses famous Engineering and Business Schools. France and the city of Bordeaux also offer students a great quality of life mixing heritage, dynamism and developed infrastructures.

StepOut Abroad monitors your Study Project to France for free with the following Services:

  • Assistance in the application process with selected school and advices for admission tests
  • Assistance in the registration process
  • Assistance in administrative formalities (including Visa process, final registration process with the school, etc ...)
  • Tips for finding accommodation
  • Preparation for the stay (including cultural preparation)
  • Pick-up at the airport and integration (presentation with the school, assistance with opening a bank account and obtaining a local sim card)

Bordeaux has the advantage of hosting prestigious business schools and large university campuses. The city also has programs in specific sectors such as the wine and spirits, fashion, luxury, tourism and hospitality sectors. Main sectors are the following:

  • Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Communication & Marketing
  • International Business & Management
  • Fashion & Luxury Management
  • Wine and Spirits Marketing and Management

Programs are either Bachelor or MBA, but some schools also have "Summer Camp" Programs that last few weeks.

We invite you to apply at least 2 months before the start of the desired study program. Caution: if you to not possess a valid passport then this delay is to extend as renewal or creation of a Passport can take up to 1 month.

Process for application to a french school: 1 week to 1 month

Delay to receive documents for Visa by post: 8 to 14 days

Visa Application process: 2 to 3 weeks once the full file has been submitted


Immigration laws of the French Government can change in a very short time, and sometimes retroactively. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to wait for the visa and make sure that it matches the purpose of your trip before making any reservation (flight tickets, accommodation, etc...). We can not be held responsible for the financial damages related to an impossibility to use the tickets that you have taken the initiative to book before obtaining the Visa and verification of dates of validity of the stay. The information provided on the Visa application has no contractual value and may be subject to change upon the filing of your Visa application.

  • At least 18 years old
  • Level of Studies corresponding to desired program
  • Fluent level of English
  • Adaptability, autonomy, open-mindedness on new cultures
  • Autonomie
  • Capability of financing the stay, formalities and package fees

Why chosing Bordeaux for your Studies?

“European Best Destination” in 2015
Cheaper than Paris
Worldwide know for Wine and Aeronautic Industry
Quality of life
Leisure and Tourism

Bordeaux is probably the best city to discover France for foreign students. 7th city of France in term of population, Bordeaux is a unique combination of prestige, quality of life and dynamism.


Voted 1st French city for quality of life and attractiveness in 2015, Bordeaux is ideally located: 3 hours from Paris and from Spain, 2 hours from Pyrenean Mountains, 40 minutes from the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by vineyards. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was awarded, among other prestigious distinctions, “European Best Destination” in 2015.


Bordeaux has had the highest growth in France in number of managers for the last 10 years. The city is internationally renowned for his know-how in Aeronautical, Military and Aerospatiale activities. But industrial sector is also boosted by health and Laser segments. Beside that, Bordeaux is of course very active on production and exportation of Wine, as well as on forestry activities. Tertiary industry is also strongly implanted with two main sectors: tourism and numerical companies.


Known throughout the world for wines and vineyards, Bordeaux is a great representative a “French know-how”. As Paris, Bordeaux is synonymous of “prestige” and high-end products and industries. Since the eighteenth century which was a golden age of the Wine production and due to his geographical position, Bordeaux is clearly open to international markets and exports.

Frequently Asked Questions for Studies in France

One of the big advantages of Bordeaux is accessibility via transportation. It is possible to stay in a Flat or Host Family in suburban areas (Mérignac, Talence, etc…) and to access city center easily. Most of the schools are either situated in “les Chartrons” along the “Garonne”, the river which runs along the city center, or in Talence, in the surburban area on the south of Bordeaux. Both are easily accessible by “TRAM” (local trolley) or buses.

Most frequent accommodation types are either individual or shared flats or individual room in host family with common rooms shared with other members of the family. These solutions are the most affordable ones.


Monthly rent is usually around 35,000 INR per month for a single flat and around 30,000 INR for a room in a Host Family. Electricity charges are included for Host families but are in extra for flats. Electricity fees are usually around 2,000 INR per month in average.

In order to calculate an approximative budget you need to take into account the following elements:

Expenses related to the trip
  • Flight Tickets (2 ways): around 60,000 INR
  • Visa: around 3,500 INR (Admin Fees) + 300 INR (postal dispatch) + 13,500 INR (Visa Fees)
  • Specialised Insurance: approx 2,000 INR per month
Cost of living in France

around 55,000 INR per month (see next section)

Cost of Studies
  • around 8 Lahks (INR) per year for a Bachelor Program
  • around 9 Lahks (INR) per year for a Master Program
  • between 40,000 INR and 65,000 INR per week for a "Summer Camp"

The cost of living in Bordeaux is usually around 55,000 INR and is composed from:

  • Accommodation and Electricity: around 500€ (≈ 35,000 INR)
  • Food: 120€ (≈ 8,500 INR)
  • Bus/Tram Pass: approx 25€ (≈ 1,750 INR)
  • Leisure: approx 100€ (≈ 7,000 INR)

Most Bachelor and Master programs involve one or more paid internships. The minimum remuneration for an internship in France is 525€ (≈ 37,000 INR) per month for an internship longer than 2 months.

It is allowed to perform a part-time job during your stay in France within the framework of a Study Visa higher than 3 months. The job must not exceed 964 hours per year (60% of the legal hourly volume).

It is possible to look for a job in France after obtaining a Master. In order to attract Indian students, the French government allows the extension of the 5-year Visa after graduation as part of a first job.

Other Tips in our FAQ
Ankit BHATNAGAR de StepOut Abroad

Ankit StepOut Abroad / Application Manager for Studies in France

France has one of the best quality / price ratio for higher education (especially compared to UK and US). Our partner schools are located mainly in Bordeaux, a city we chose for its quality of living and international prestige (Wine Industry, Aeronautics).