Choosing France to complete short study program, Bachelor Degree or MBA Degree is a clever decision on the one hand regarding tuition fees which are quite competitive compared to countries like USA and United Kingdom. On the other hand France is worldwide renowned for the quality of education in sectors such as luxury, hospitality and science and possesses famous Engineering and Business Schools.

France and the city of Bordeaux also offer students a great quality of life mixing heritage, dynamism and developed infrastructures.  

Sectors for Study in France

Studies in France, either short term programs or Bachelor / MBA Degree, are mainly in one of the following sector:

  • International Business & Management
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Fashion & Luxury Management
  • Wine and Spirits Marketing and Management

Profile : Who can apply for Studies in France 

Eligibility criteria mainly depend on the type of studies you wish to perform but it is important to know that study programs are only accessible to students with at least a High Secondary Diploma. Experience, adaptability, level of English and French call also impact eligibility


Destination Bordeaux : Heritage and Dynamism

Study Programs mainly take place in Bordeaux, south-west of France. Bordeaux gathers all elements to insure students an unforgettable experience  :

  • Dynamism of local Industry
  • Tourism and Heritage
  • Voted European best Destination in 2015

Accommodation for your Studies in France 

Package includes selection of accommodation corresponding to low budget (small flats or host families). Monthly rent is usually around 450 EUR for single room.   Learn more about :

  • Location
  • Accommodation types
  • Budget


Feel free to check this section if you have questions related to your potential study program, to the living environment and to your destination. If you do not find an answer to your question in that section please feel free to contact us.