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* Fixed fees whatever the length of the Internship is

* No Admin Fees / Fees to pay only after the validation of the Internship placement.


Placement corresponding to your profile and expectations / Transmission of necessary documents for the Visa


Preparation regarding the specificities of the local work culture and the frequent challenges


Conflict management / Assistance on demand / new placement if necessary


Subscribing to the Teleworking Internship Package entitles you to a 15% discount on a regular Internship Package (i.e. € 75 reduction in the event of subscription) within 15 months after the end of the teleworking internship

Online Application

This is the very first step of your application. Submitting your Application Form will generate your Application File and will help us to find a Corporate or Social Internship that matches at best your requirements. In that prospect, please be sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

Validation and Internship Proposal

If your application is validated, we will contact you within 72h to plan a Skype Interview. The purpose of the Skype Interview is to present in details our services and available opportunities and to know more about your Internship project. If the Skype Interview is successful you will receive an Internship Proposal within approximately 10 days.

Placement and Payment

If the Skype interview between you and the hosting structure is successful and the placement validated by both sides, we will send you the secured online payment request to pay fees related to the Internship Package. Validation of accommodation placement, guidance with departure formalities and transmission of documents for your Visa application will be initiated once your payment is confirmed.

We invite you to apply preferably 1 to 3 weeks before the desired start of the Telework Internship

Before you start the application process, please ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria by checking the following conditions:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have at least intermediate level of English
  • This program is not open to Indian citizens

Other Conditions

  • Maturity, Autonomy and strong Adaptation Skills
  • Openmindedness
  • Be sincerely motivated by the discovery of foreign culture
  • Have prior experience in a relevant area or sufficient education background in required sector

What you can expect from an Internship Developed competences:

  • Adaptability skills and creativity on problem solving
  • Cultural understanding
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Level of English

This Program totally fits with candidates who wish to:

  • Have responsibility and do not want to perform basics and repetitive tasks
  • Be involved in several tasks and departments and are not looking a rigid and structured internship (entrepreneurial profiles)
  • Boost their CV with a professional experience in a big potential country
  • Improve their professional competences by challenging their skills in a new cultural environment
  • Create a professional network abroad and generate business opportunities in a growing market where western labor is often very valuable
  • Improve Business language skills in an English speaking working environment

"Plus Points" for a Telework Internship Package

Keeping the International Dynamic of your CV
Cultural Experience
Filtering of suitable Internship Structure

Why performing a Telework Internship wiht Indian Structures?

If the Covid-19 epidemic has strong negative repercussions on international mobility, the solution of carrying out a Telework Internship with a foreign company, which moreover belongs to a different work culture than ours, makes it possible not to stop the international dynamic of your academic and professional career. Even if the experience in the country itself is more rewarding, the professional outcomes from such initiatives will reassure future employers about your adaptability skills.

Why chosing our organisation?

The choice of the host structure should not be taken lightly, however. All the companies or NGOs showing an interest in welcoming foreign trainees in teleworking are not necessarily able to manage monitoring effectively or to understand cultural differences in order to propose missions and tasks related to your educational objectives. Frequent cultural traps are sources of recurrent misunderstandings between distant cultures and can jeopardize the quality of the professional experience.

How tips for your Telework Internship

It is possible to set up placements ranging from 1 to 6 months. Given the absence of cultural shock due to the journey and arrival on Indian territory, the adaptation phase will be less important and it is therefore to be relativized in the calculation of the duration of the necessary internship. If it is advisable to preferably stay at least 2 months in India for a regular internship in order to maximize the professional and personal outcomes of such a stay, a minimum recommended duration does not therefore apply here.

If you are autonomous and you like freedom in your work, if you can adapt to unusual situations and if you like to be involved in several fields, then an Internship in India is totally adapted to your profil. Such an experience is strongly recommended if you have an entrepreneurial spirit.

For those who are looking for developping technical competences in a specific sector as financial analysis, accountability, etc... this experience can be disappointing.

Our partner companies and NGOs usually being medium sized local structures with a strong indian working culture (even if for the big majority of them they already host foreign interns) it is important to know specificities of such an internship and to evaluate adequation with your expectations. If the immersive aspect is not what you are looking for then it might be better for you to target an internship in a big company of bigger cities (Delhi or Mumbai for instance).

You will inevitably face new situations, frustrations and incomprehension with regard to certain elements of the internship. We find that all students with a proactive attitude, favoring direct communication with internship managers and colleagues, derive significant outcomes in terms of professional achievements, while those who find it difficult to take the lead on projects and are in an attitude of expectation and passivity are exposed to slower integration. Direct communication and taking charge of projects are the two guarantees of an internship that will bring you satisfactory professional experience.

An Internship in India within the first 2 years of a Bachelor program allow to quickly face another working culture. It is thus a warranty of openmindedness for the rest of your education program. But be careful to go for such an experience only when you feel ready to face a totally different living environment. If you already visit a developping country or if you feel like an adventurer then it is definitly possible to go for such an experience at the start of your studies.

When you get close to the end of your studies program it is often advised to conduct internships that are related to your upcoming professional integration. If you are targeting entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social sector or a sector that is localy reknowned (like Jewelry, Textile, Tourism) then your internship project in India is totally accurate.

Florent Daspet de StepOut Abroad

Florent StepOut Abroad / Co-Founder

A Teleworking Internship with an Indian structure is necessarily less immersive than a regular experience with physical presence on site. However, cultural differences should not be neglected and will also reappear at some point in this type of experience. It therefore important to feel able to adapt to monitoring and tasks that will differ from our usual framework.