Low cost of living represents one of the enjoyable aspects of a stay in Thailand. Living in Chiang Mai usually represents half of the expenses of living in most of westerners cities.

Monthly rent varies from 4,000 Baht to 10,000 Baht based on the type of room, location, size of the room and quality of infrastructure. Electricity charges are usually around 1,000 Baht without electricity use. In the summer you need to consider extra fees related to the A/C use. For a normal use of A/C (3 hours per day) the bill is around 2,000 baht. For an intensive use the bill will be higher than 3,000 Baht.

Eating in restaurant is cheap, as well as most of the other expenditures (transportation, leisure…) related to the stay.


Feel free to use the following Indexes to have precise estimation of cost of living in Chiang Mai: