By Camille (Former Intern, who completed her Social Internship in India with help of Stepout Abroad), here she shares her discovering and incredible experience in India.

To begin this article, I would like to talk about 9 main differences between India and Europe. These different points represent for me the foundations of culture shock and full immersion in Republic of India.

  1. Language: Namaste! Hindi is one of main language in India with English. Sometimes you will hear from Indians some English word which is totally common in Hindi speaking.
  2. Currency: Indian Rupee. 1 EUR = 74,49 INR (approximately, keep changing with time), so India is cheap country to live compare to European countries.
  3. Climate: India is a very huge country so climate is changing from south to north and from east to west... But usually summer in India is from end of April until June, weather is hot and temperature can raise from 40°C and more. From July to September it is Monsoon season.
  4. Landscape: As India is so big (about 5 times bigger than France), you can easily imagine diversity of landscapes you go throughout...mountains, oceans, desert...
  5. Festivals: Most in Indians are hindouist (about 65% of the population). This religion is characterized by so many festivals that you cannot imagine. Each celebration is an incredible discover for foreigners.
  6. Food: If you like SPICY food, India is for you! Personally, after 4 months in Jaipur, I can still not eat like Indians. But that does not prevent me to LOVE India.
  7. Prices: As we can imagine, everything is cheaper than in Europe. (Good vegetarian food at can get for around 5 EUR.)
  8. Indian time: 10 "French" minutes corresponding to 1 "Indian" hour.
  9. Freedom: you cannot imagine how much you can feel free in India. Every day is an experience, a new discovery...

Experience in India, why do I like it?


India is incredible! Until you did not travel to India, you cannot imagine “real” India. By travelling to India, I realized my dream. People told me before I came that probably India “will not be as I imagine”. Of course it is not! It is so much time better than I imagined. I like everything in Indian Culture, but it is important to know that it is a real shock culture for European like us because it’s totally a new world, new life, which can be very exciting and different too.

Why India is better for travel and internship?


India is very good for travel because everything you will see, taste or hear is totally different from what you know. Each day is a journey in India and every day you discover and learn new things. Travelling is India is so rewarding. During my two journeys in India by Stepout Abroad, I visited most important places in Rajasthan and also Delhi and Agra, but still there are many places to visits in India, it’s such a huge country…. Such great experiences each time. In India there is no problem, can find solutions for everything and Stepout Abroad do help great in it. Internships are India are very interesting because differences between French and Indian enterprise and NGO are so contrasted. So it helps to learn different way of working, with different, it keeps motivating to learn new things.

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” Mahatma Gandhi

Which are main differences between Indian and European life ?
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