Yoga or Meditation Internship in India

Rejuvenate or conduct Certified training while discovering Rajasthan

Securize your Stay in India with the monitoring of specialized and reactive Staff for the preparation and monitoring of your trip.

Be an Actor of your Project with a Customized Trip to avoid any rigid and standardized experience.

Enjoy this stay and the support of our staff to discover a unique region while planning touristic week-ends in Rajasthan.

Considering restrictions on International Mobility due to Covid19 epidemic, you can benefit from free assistance to find an Online Yoga or Meditation Program with our partner Centers until restrictions are over. Fees for 1h of online Yoga/Meditation is around 10€ and for a monthly online program fees are around 100€. For certified teaching programs, fees are the same than those in the "Certified Training" section.



Documentation / Online Assistance


Placement corresponding to your profile and expectations / Assistance for the Visa Application


Validation of an accommodation solution for your stay / Full information (rent, deposit, internal rules)


Pick-up at the Airport (or Bus Stand) / Transportation to your Accommodation / Introduction to your hosting structure


Booklet / Map / Local Sim Card


Briefing on Local culture and environment / Regular Monitoring as per Intern’s need / Networking


Conflict Management / On-call support

Average Rating of our Services: 4.9/5*

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I start my Project

Submitting your Application Form will generate your Application File and will help us to find a Program and hosting Structure that matches at best your requirements. In that prospect, please be sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

Internship/Program Proposal

I will then go back to plan a phone/Skype interview in order to validate your expectations and the different selection criteria. After the Internview, you will receive within the follwoing week a placement proposal.

Finalisation, Payment and Formalities

Once the placement has been validated from both sides, we will transmit the secured online payment request. We will then work together on the booking of your accommodation as well as on formalities (Visa, Insurance, etc...).

We invite you to apply online minimum 2 weeks before the start of your Internship/Program. If you do not possess a valid passport already or if you possess a foreign passport you need to consider a bigger delay. Passport formalities can sometimes exceed 1 months, especially when touristic pics are near. Formalities length for foreign passport is in addition generally longer than for regular passport.

Placement Duration: 2 to 10 days (except for specific projects)

Average length of Visa process: less than 1 week for eVisa, 7 to 14 days for regular passports (minimum 1 month for foreign passport)


We aim to provide information and content in accordance with the current legislation communicated by our partners. However, the Indian Government's immigration laws can change in a very short period of time, and sometimes retroactively. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to wait for the visa and make sure that it matches the purpose and dates of your trip before making any reservation. We can not be held responsible for the financial loss related to an impossibility to use the tickets that you have taken the initiative to book before obtaining the Visa and verification of dates of validity of the stay. The information provided on the Visa application has no contractual value and may be modified at the time of filing your Visa application

Before you start the application process, please ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria by checking the following conditions:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a passport valid 6 months after the end of your stay or be in capacity of applying for it and receive it before your departure
  • Be in a capacity to pay for package fees, Departure formalities expenditures like plane tickets, visa fees, insurance package and local expenditures like food, accommodation rent, transportation and leisure (see F.A.Q)
  • Have repatriation insurance for your stay abroad
  • Have at least intermediate level of English
  • This program is not open to Indian citizens

Other Conditions

  • Maturity, Autonomy and strong Adaptation Skills

Internship/Program Types

Details and Fees


Elephant Care


Stage de Méditation


Formation Diplomante en Yoga


Trekking Rishikesh
Mixing several Internship/Programs Types

It is for instance possible to mix Yoga and Meditation classes during your stay, without this having an impact on the price of the Package. It is also possible to start with a meditation or yoga Internship and then to spend the last weeks of your stay in an Ashram (according to availability).

Do not hesitate to tell us your expectations in the application form so that we can suggest the most suitable structure for your stay.

Must-Sees for North India

According to our Travelers

Elephant Care

Elephant Care - Amer

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal - Agra

Monkey Temple

Monkey Temple - Jaipur

Camel Safari

Camel Safari - Jaisalmer

Zipline Jodphur

Tyrolienne - Jodphur

Trekking Rishikesh

Trekking - Rishikesh

Pushkar Lake

Lac Sacré - Pushkar

Udaipur Lake

Lac Pichola - Udaipur


The best period regarding weather extends from September to March. The best period regarding the price of hotels is the "low" season, from April to August.

If you have enough flexibility try to be present in India during the two big local festivals: Diwali (end of October / beginning of November) and Holi (usually beginning of March) to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

For a short stay (about a week), target for example 2 or 3 days in Jaipur, 1 day in Taj Mahal, 2 days in Udaipur and 1 or 2 days in Jodphur.

For a longer stay (two weeks or more), take the opportunity to fully explore Rajasthan through activities and workshops to probe the traditional local culture, or target the main cities of Rajasthan (Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodphur ) as well as the Taj Mahal and spend 5 days to a week in the calm of the Himalayas.

It is tempting to plan to visit one city a day. To fully enjoy your stay, take the time to discover the main cities and their atmospheres by staying a few days. This alleviates fatigue related to travel, cultural shock and possible health concerns.

Although Delhi is the capital of India, some famous landmarks are worth a look and many tourist routes pass through Delhi's airport, we advise travelers instead to target safer, quieter and less expensive cities. Travelers' feedbacks on their stay in Delhi are not often positive.
Several means of transport are at your disposal for affordable prices. The very particular way of driving and the density of the road traffic are part of the elements which push avoiding driving a vehicle. This also requires time consuming formalities and several insurers can refuse coverage of damage if you drove in India.
Everything is different: the notion of time, the differences between social categories, infrastructures ... to fully enjoy the experience, it is necessary to know at least the local culture, from the perspective of living to the Indian rhythm (often punctuated by unpredictable surprises). Even if you choose high standards infrastructures for accommodation, the experience will necessarily be immersive and with inevitable cultural confrontation.
Other Tips in our FAQ

Julien's video

témoignage vidéo chloé stage en inde
Florent Daspet de StepOut Abroad

Florent StepOut Abroad / Co-Founder

We never get bored in India, there is always something going on, and it is important to take this aspect into account to better apprehend the Indian experience. There will be unforeseen events, your patience will be put to a test and some aspects of Indian culture (especially the differences between social categories) are sometimes hard to accept for westerners. But the cultural challenge is well worth the counterweight of human and touristic experiences. The price/value ratio is also a big asset of India.