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Are you looking for professionnal monitoring for a mobility Project (Studies, Internship, Tourism) between France and India? You are on the right website!



Study Programs (Bachelor / MBA) for Indian Students in Hotel Management and Digital Marketing in Bordeaux (France).

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Internship in local NGOs (kids projects, women empowerment, environmental protection) or Companies (Marketing Digital, Business Development).

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YOGA/MEDITATION (for Non-Indians)

Yoga or Meditation Internship, Certified Yoga Teaching Programs, Stay in Ashram, enjoy a customized and secured program to discover North India.

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"A Unique Experience" Ombéline

This trip was a unique experience. It changed my vision of the world. It was an extraordinary destination that will stay forever in my memory.

photo testimonial ombeline

"Every day is a new Adventure" Juliette

It was a deep experience as everyday offers new adventures. Discovery this great and complex culture made me grow and and changed my vision of the world.

photo testimonia juliette

"Extremely kind people" Eliott

I lived the most incredible experience of my life. I met extremely kind people, attended an indian wedding, spent my Birthday in an orphenage...

photo testimonial Eliott

"Like on another Planet" Marine

When I landed, I was like in another planet. It is the most intense cultural experience I lived, facing such a different way of living.

photo testimonial marine

"We don't visit India, we live it" Alex

I loved every second of my stay, speaking with indians, discovering cities with unique atmospheres as Jaisalmer and Varanasi for instance. We don't visit India, we live it.

photo testimonial alex

"A stay full of Emotion" Julia

Without any doubt, it is the best trip I did so far, and this for several reasons, including landscapes, culture and people. A stay full of emotions.

photo testimonial julia

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About StepOut Abroad

First of all, we are driven by a conviction: international mobility, especially when it concerns a destination far from ours, represents an intense source of personal development. This conviction is confirmed by the stories of those who have had the opportunity to live this type of experience since the beginning of our activity. Beyond the discovery of another country, of another culture, beyond memories, it is perhaps the possibility of taking a step back from one’s own culture and one’s self which constitutes the most powerful return of this type of experience.

We then have the feeling that despite the visible cultural differences, the French-speaking world and India have a solid basis of compatibility. History and recent economic or diplomatic exchanges bear witness to mutual respect and kindness. Exchanges between France and India are particularly likely to develop at the educational or professional level. The prospect of being able to contribute to this inevitable rapprochement is for all staff a great source of motivation.

Finally, support is at the heart of our concerns. The well-being of the people we support is an important driver. The quality of stay in a country with different lifestyles and cultural approaches depends on factors like cultural shock preparation, meticulous hosting structure and stakeholders’ selection and small details that can have a significant impact on the course of the stay. These are the elements we have tried to continuously improve in order to optimize the quality of this type of experience.

Our pricing and development policy

Most stakeholders in the international mobility market are developing through a network of intermediary organizations. They are either specialized in promotion or in reception services, but rarely mix both. As a result, margins are added and the price of services is high. In addition, continuity of services is not optimized. We pay particular attention to keeping our services close to their real values, maintaining reasonable margins in order to make our services accessible to a broad category of budget. Not having intermediaries also helps us keep competitive prices. We also have chosen to focus on developing the quality of services rather than developing volume of application despite the fact that our market has been significantly.

People you will Interact with

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